Tracy Jo Smith


Sometimes we just need a little help.

I’ve been where you are. If you are feeling like things aren’t going as fast as you would like or you are feeling stuck, I am here to push you into the next level. At only $60, you can't afford NOT to fix your struggle!

yeah... I could sure use some help!

I've been where you are!

Meet Tracy Jo.

The founder of Entrepreneur Girl®, Tracy Jo Smith is a believer in big dreams and the people behind them. As a small town girl, University of Florida business graduate, cancer survivor, and mom of eight, she knows the struggles of building a business, while also being mindful of living a joyful life. She openly shares her personal struggles so that others will be inspired to make changes in their own life... the bases for the Entrepreneur Girl® brand. Out of all the business hats she wears, coaching is her favorite, because it allows her to connect to her tribe and make an impact.

yes, help me please!


So what is this coaching thing anyway?

Once you sign up for coaching, then what?


On the confirmation page click calendar

Once you purchase a coaching call, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will need to click to choose a day and time that works for you.


Receive a pre-call questionnaire

After you book a time slot, you will get an email from me asking you a few questions. Nothing serious, so relax :) I want our phone time together to be focused on solutions and forward goals. Therefore, the more information you give me upfront, the more time we have on the actual call for action steps!



Once I get your questionnaire, I will spend time researching your website, social media, questions, and any pertinent information towards our call.


Talk on phone with Tracy

Tracy will call you on the scheduled day and time. The talk is scheduled for 30 minutes, but does on occasion, go a bit longer. Please have a quiet place with pen and paper ready for the call.


Tracy makes sure your end goal is achieved

On the questionnaire, you stated your main coaching goal. I make sure to direct the call in a way that ensures that goal is met and your money was well spent. In addition, you will walk away with your next action steps.

Build Business.

Love Your Life.

Balance Both.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, have personal or professional concerns, or have one big goal versus lots of questions... I'm here to help you. And I'm keeping it affordable so you have access to unlimited hand holding!


*per 30 minute session

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